"Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn't."
Erica Jong


"Can You Feel" (A poem I wrote and performed eons ago...)

Can you feel as the musical notes sparkle in the air...
I want you to feel my rap
Feel my rap as it moves through this mike chord,
And punctures your soul like a mighty black sward.
My rap is not only hard and rhythmic, but soft and colorful,
as it is the natural fashion for a black woman.
My wrap is burgundy, blue, velvet, brown earth.

See my wrap as vivid as you hear it.
Hear my rap as loud as you view it.
Love your naps as they are a part of you.
Read it in books, Langston Hughs, Maya Angelou.

My wrap is wide and long and never ends, only bends to form understanding;
When you and I verse to create the universe of sun, stars and moon.....
Hmm... My wrap comes to soon for you to fully understand this teach, preach
no rap is what I meant to say.
And now , as we continue to parlay, let me ask you
before I close this with a mental cap.
Let me ask you,

Now can you begin to feel my rap?