Hello People...

I have been singing in 5 star hotels all over the world for the past 3 years straight. I have had a world wind of experiences; good, challenging and out of this world! Bit by bit I will share some of my experiences and ideas that may help you if you decide to travel to different countries (particularly developing countries) by your self or with friends....All I have to offer is experience, a little common sense and a few jokes.


I thought that when I went certain places I wouldn't see or meet anyone from North America. For example I went to work in Djibouti. "Dji who?!?" you say. Djibouti.

Djibouti is in northeast Africa (bordering Somalia and Ethiopia) and is a country about the size of Massachusetts.

Believe it or not a real palace of a 5 star hotel was built there (Kempinsky Palace....European hotel chain) and I sang in the lounge.
I met people from everywhere.....especially people from France, USA, Australia, England and I even met some folks contracted on work that were from the Caribbean. There are people contracted on all types of work there as there were in every country I traveled to in South East Asia and the Middle East as well. I even met a few people (some musicians) that know friends of mine back home. Every time I thought I was going to be somewhere in the middle of nowhere, I kept meeting people from everywhere . I still keep in touch with several people......

And by the way, don`t know how much longer it will last, but Djibouti is probably the safest place to visit, although it can get a bit boring. I am sure blending in with the locals helped a bit though.....

Interesting facts (real but kinda funny)

  • Did you know that in Abu Dhabi and Dubai (both cities in the country of the UAE, Middle East) they have built ice skating rinks and ski slopes in side the shopping mall (Emirates Mall in Dubai and Marina Mall in Abu Dhabi)
  • Did you know that in some washrooms in Thailand you are required to pay 1 penny for toilet paper....or get it from a machine....good to carry wipes around just in case
  • Thailand=Tonnes of stray dogs! (trust me most of them will run away from you)
  • Middle east-Abu Dhabi=Tonnes of stray cats! (these scare me more then the dogs but are harmless mostly)
  • Yes it`s true you can be finned in Singapore for getting caught spiting on the street and for not flushing the toilet among other things....but people still do it!
  • You can be arrested for insulting someone in the Middle East so no middle fingers or talking too loud under your breath....ya that one got me
  • Massages in Thailand and Indonesia are cheap (like 8 bucks) and can be good but can also be special in many different ways... watch who massages you but for the most part they are great!!!!
  • The people in Shanghai can be very pushy, especially in crowded situations(actually in all situations). It isn`t anything personal though...I mean if someone runs their shopping cart into your foot and then you do it back to them ....they wont even flinch and just keep walking....Try it ...I have.
Origin and Meaning of the Name Aisha

Alive; she who lives
(ah EE shah)

The Swahili name Aisha means - life

Girl Name
Name Meaning:
Derived from the Arabic 'aisha (alive and well), which is from 'asha (to live). The name was borne by the Prophet Muhammad's favorite wife and is popular throughout the Muslim world. See Aisha (Arabic Names)
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Aayusha, Aayushi, Ayesha

Aisha, Ayishah is an Arabic name meaning - Living, prosperous

Another site says Aisha means "woman" in Arabic

Yet another site says that it means "life, vivaciousness"